Indigofox came about almost entirely by accident when I was watching DIY candlemaking videos on Youtube and thought I could definitely do that too!
What has always bothered me about conventional candles is that they smell quite artificial and monotonous and just come across as a bit boring. At some point I also had to ask myself whether it might even be harmful to my health in the long term to inhale paraffin vapors every day. And unfortunately, paraffin wax actually releases a whole range of substances when it burns, which I'm happy to avoid.

So my goal was to cast original scented candles from a non-toxic wax that should smell delicious and not artificial. And meanwhile I've poured almost 1500 of these candles! Now I can easily burn candles all day long and the plus point: I have a lot of fun making candles and everything that goes with it and I can share my ideas and candle creations with others! 🌸